In Monaco (March 2002), during the first meeting of the Parties of the Agreement ACCOBAMS*, the title "ACCOBAMS Partner" was awarded to a small number of organizations (universities, research institutes and scientific non-governmental associations). This was a way to certify their specialization in cetaceans, their significant role in the establishment of the Agreement, but most importantly, the conservation and the protection of cetaceans in the marine environmental areas where the Agreement is applied. The Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute is honored to be included in the list of these organizations. This award is considered as an exceptional distinction for the Institute and for our country (Greece) as well. Furthermore this action acknowledges our scientific work, which aims to protect cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea with their marine environment.
At the first ACCOBAMS meeting, significant decisions were made along with the Plan of Action concerning the conservation measures and the protection of cetaceans within the Agreement's area. Moreover, the members of the first Scientific Committee of the Agreement were elected, including Dr. Α. Frantzis, the president of Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute, who served the Scientific Committee as "qualified expert" of CIESM.
*ACCOBAMS (Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Contigous Atlantic Area)
* CIESM (Commission Internationale pour l’Exploration Scientifique de la mer Méditerrannée)