We would like to express our gratitude to the major donor of Pelagos Institute, who covered the cost of construction of our Scientific Research Vessel, the R/V Nereis. This generous donation has been incredibly useful for the research studies and opened new horizons for Pelagos Institute. Both the high value of his donation and his wish to remain anonymous remind us that people, who show true commitment in conservation issues do exist.
We would like to thank the Swiss non-governmental organization Ocean Care and personally, Sigrid Lübert and Silvia Frey, for theirs continuous support to all aspects of our research and conservation activities, including response to strandings and necropsies as well scientific analysis and publication of our results since 2008.
We thank the Green Instituite for their important contribution in the budget of the research program PRO.FYS.E.T (We change course- We conserve the sperm whales of the Hellenic Trench) for the mitigation of the most important threat for sperm whales, which are the collisions with large vessels and their support of the relevant surveys in the Ionian Sea in 2014.
We would like to thank Olympic Marine SA for hosting the research vessel Nereis in the ultra-modern marina located in Lavrio and the convenience provided by their team to hoist and launch the vessel before every survey.
We would like to thank ATCOM Internet Multimedia sa for kindly hosting our Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute web site.
We would like to thank Oracle Corporation and Oracle Hellas for their support to research activities in the field, through CAFAmerica for the years 2003 and 2004.
We would like to thank Vodafone and Vodafone in Greece for their support in 2003.
We would like to thank System Vision company, for their kind donation of specialised work and consultancy for the construstion of a specific, innovative optical ray laser, used to remotly measure the size of sperm whales.
We would like to thank WIND Hellas for their support of our summer surveys in 2008.
We thank the Management team of the Corinth Canal - Periandros A.E. for conveniences and discounts provided everytime that we had to cross the Corinth Canal during our surveys.
We thank Reemtsma Hellas AE, for their support of one survey in 2002.
We thank the "General Secretariat for Youth" for their support to our Pelagos eco-volunteer program ing 2001, through the programme "Raising the Awareness and the Environmental Education of Young People ".
We thank the Municipality of Pelekanos (Palaiochora), Crete, for donating specialised scientific equipment and a digital projector to support public awarness regarding the sperm whales in Palaiochora (2001).
We would like to thank our Eva, our most dedicated supporter and eco-volunteer. Eva has been participating in our the survey's of Pelagos Institutes since 2002 for every single year, until today.
We would like to thank our Gioula, who is a very good eco-volunteer of the Pelagos Institute during various reserach expeditions and has repeatedly support us by providing medicines for the first aid kit of the research vessel Nereis and chenical reagents for reserach activities.
We would like to thank Anthonis Perrakis, citizen and later mayor of Palaiochora, Crete. He has been the first friend and supporter of the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute when we set-up our sperm whale research program in south Crete in 1998.